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Small dog town

As mentioned in the post below, most of my current sketches have a softer hue to them.  That being said, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of walking and talking dogs who walk on two legs, wear clothes and live in a town together.  What a magical world of crotch sniffing and licking that would be.

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Sadie Lady Ann

Sadie Lady Ann
It’s been years since I’ve posted anything on this site.  What better way to start up again than to acknowledge that time and a child has taken some of the weirdness out of my current sketches.  You start to think to yourself, “good lord, what if Sadie ever found my sketch books”.  Hopefully I’ll be senile and in diapers when that happens.  It’s also just fun to draw thing centered around your beautiful baby girl.

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Farmer Brown’s got some problems…

dragons and mice and farmers and plungersA colaborative work by Mr. Hansen and Mr. Hubbard.  Done years ago in a haze of ciggaretes and coffee at about two am in a Pennsyltucky diner.

– Hammy

I love when you come across something that you don’t remember creating.  I’m fascinated by the mouse operating the steam-powered plunger machine in the foreground.  Whoa…I just connected that the mechanical arm crushing the clown head is actually coming out of the farmer’s ass.  Nice, real nice.

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Fresh Frog Legs!

Frog legs for dinnerNot sure I appreciate this reference to maimed animals.  What’s next, fresh hamster claws for breakfast?

It may be too small to pick up on screen, but there is a cyrillic shout-out in the cartoon.

– Hammy

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Who wants some horse meat?

Horse meat is goodI think the kids in the jar came out pretty good.  Nothing like some fried grade D horse meat!  My inspiration for this?  No idea, but if I ever figure out what part of my brain it did originate from, I am going to operate on myself and remove it.

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To the moon and beyound my little ones!

Hamster CannonI must admit I feel slightly threatened by this.  A dog in tighty-whities preparing to send two of my kind into oblivion. 

 – Hammy

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Downtown Naples, NY

Naples, New YorkA sketch of a building in Naples, NY.  My other favorite drawing subject, aside from slightly off cartoons is old buildings.  I’m not sure how the two go together, but those are the only two things you’ll find in my sketch books.

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